• Words mean the world.

    Alphary technology unlocks the power of Oxford’s learner dictionaries for hassle-free English vocabulary acquisition.

  • Meet FeeBu

    Feebu, the Feedback Butterfly, is the world's first truly intelligent, digital English tutor. Feebu gives automatic, corrective feedback to help students learn from their mistakes.

  • 1. Corrective Feedback

    Through the use of AI and Natural Language Processing, Alphary provides automatic corrective feedback, allowing students to learn from their mistakes.

    2. Blended Learning

    Blends seamlessly with course material. Activate and learn vocabulary unit by unit, course by course, in lockstep with the class.

    3. Trilingual

    A first of its kind: Alphary includes a semi-trilingual dictionary from Oxford University Press with more than 15 languages to choose from. This is invaluable for users with a multilingual background. 

  • Take a look

    This video shows you how one butterfly can inspire English language learners around the world.

  • Mission Statement

    In the knowledge economy, communication skills are paramount. And in the global knowledge economy, English language communication skills are vital for professional success, social mobility and personal fulfilment.


    With English, as with any language, the key to effective communication is vocabulary. Other aspects of language – grammar and pronunciation, for example – are important, too, and without them little can be communicated. But without words, nothing can be communicated. Words mean the world.


    Our mission is to harness the power of Natural Language Processing and link it to the resources of the world's best language reference materials, including Oxford University Press’s suite of English-learning dictionaries, in order to transform the way that vocabulary – and language – is learnt.


    Our mission is to combine the power of technology with the very latest research into the way that languages work and the way that languages are learnt in order to help learners acquire better English language skills in a more efficient, more enjoyable and more personalised way.


    Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art English language learning solutions that will support both learners and teachers, and that will be recognised by learners, teachers, linguists and psychologists alike as the smartest system that is available.

  • Alphary White Paper

    Read our White Paper to learn more about our research-driven approach to vocabulary acquisition, motivating learners and blended learning.

  • Alphary Architecture

    It's not magic... it's science!

  • Prof. Ted Briscoe

    Professor of Computational Linguistics

    NLIP Group

    Computer Laboratory
    University of Cambridge,

    William Gates Building

    'Alphary's vocabulary learning App for smartphones is the best piece of
    innovative language learning technology I have seen. It intelligently
    repurposes the classic cloze test in pedagogically- and
    linguistically-motivated ways, neatly and effectively sidestepping all
    the weaknesses of these and similar tests deployed in other online
    language learning products whilst delivering a compelling, effective,
    gamified vocabulary learning system.'

    Joseph Noble

    Head of Channels & Partnerships, English Language Teaching Division, Oxford University Press


    'Alphary’s vocabulary acquisition technology is more sophisticated and intelligent than others I have seen, and it is based on a programme of extensive research.'

    Prof. Dr

    Don Passey

    Co-director, Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning, Department of Educational Research, University of Lancaster


    '... has been developed on the basis of [...] scientific learning theory and established effective practice.'

    Dr Michael Rundell

    Editor-in-Chief, Macmillan Dictionary & Director, Lexicography Masterclass


    'Alphary is a groundbreaking new resource, the first that can truly be described as adaptive, and it sets the bar very high.'

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  • The Alphary Team

    The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


    Member of the board


    Daniel combines insights from interdisciplinary research with technology. That's how he finds solutions to difficult problems and wins experts and opinion leaders to his cause.


    Member of the board


    With 30 years of experience in IT and corporate management, Hannes manages effectively by empowering people, asking the right questions and balancing toughness wit empathy.


    Member of the board

    Nothing develops courage and humility more than being face-to-face with the forces of nature - from the savanna's predators to alpine avalanches. Martin applies his lessons from the wilderness to finances and the management of Alphary's ecosystem of stakeholders.


    Executive Assistant


    Anita’s strong work ethic and penchant for detail forms the company’s administrative backbone – every legal or financial transaction eventually passes her desk.


    Team Assistant

    Jenny's contribution to the Alphary team invokes the image of Adam Smith's 'invisible hand': a powerful, magical and underrated force that operates in the background and ensures a smooth operation in and outside of our office.


    Lead Developer


    Volo holds a PhD in statistics and is in charge of implementing the powerful algorithms in Alphary’s back-end. He also leads our team of developers.


    Content Manager


    Luca is the interface between the development team and our external experts. He develops Alphary’s capabilities further and manages a team of ELT writers to deliver high-quality content for our users.


    Product Manager


    Sven combines deep technical understanding with a strong sense of aesthetics and thus bridges the gap between the geeky world of IT and the shiny world of cool consumer apps.



    Josef's title might say operations and his profession law, but his true calling is people: to provide a form of organization that unlocks the creative potential of Alphary as a team.